If you are interested in pursuing an HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) career, you may want to know the HVAC Career. Like other professions, this area also has several upsides and downsides, even when HVAC is said to be a highly rewarding job, people still have to consider very carefully before making any further move. 

1. Overview about HVAC jobs:

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, which is a specific field of technology that is related to every system that includes indoor-outdoor air movements and heating or cooling. In other words, HVAC technicians have responsibility for installing, repairing, replacing and giving maintenance for these systems. An HVAC system is also made to improve the air quality inside buildings that people breathe in by using both natural air and mechanical ventilation. 

Since the demand for HVAC technicians is very high, they can work in many different settings, from public to private sectors, from small independent businesses to big companies. HVAC technicians play a crucial role in the constructing process of any building that has HVAC systems installed. 

For pursuing a HVAC career, you firstly have to register and finish a HVAC training program. This type of program may vary from six to 24 months for you to complete and you will find it easily since there is an increase in the number of training systems for HVAC. Under training courses, you will be able to learn the basics of this area and they will provide you further training depending on specific aspects you choose to dig into. 

hvac career pros and cons

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2. Pros of becoming an HVAC Technician

2.1. HVAC careers give you various settings to work in

As an HVAC industry, you can choose between sectors of residential, commercial, or industrial. Your daily schedules will also change upon the sectors you decide to work for. If you choose the residential one, your working day may be very flexible since your customers are citizens.

If you decide to work for a business, you will receive a fixed schedule then you will follow it entirely, or you may want to take seasonal projects that last for weeks to months. Additionally, pursuing a HVAC career will give you plenty of working opportunities. All across the country, people have huge demand for HVAC systems installation. You can choose to settle down in any state that you want and still find jobs in this area. 

2.2. HVAC careers utilize your ability of problem-solving

If you love troubleshooting, HVAC career is totally made for you. Everyday, you regularly face new situations, since the HVAC systems in every construction site are different, you will have to be ready for challenges that require you to give a new resolution for it.

This is also a reason why the satisfaction level of people who have chosen HVAC careers is considerably high since they can practice their critical thinking and problem-solving skills every day. HVAC technicians also know that people really appreciate their work because they help families stay warm during winter and their house cooled down in the summer.

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2.3. HVAC careers give you a good amount of income

The demand level for your skills at your local region will decide how1 much money you will earn. There is an estimated number of around $50,000 annually for HVAC technicians, and also several benefits such as vacation or health insurance…

The top 10% of HVAC technicians can make up to $70,000 in a year. Of course, you will have to level up your salary range gradually, your first year of working as a HVAC technician may still not be very profitable, but by gaining more experiences and skills, and upgrading your certificates, you can surely feel comfortable with your income. 

hvac careers give you a good amount of income

2.4. HVAC careers make you stay active with physical activities

Since to repair or install a system, you really have to come to the construction site, that’s why HVAC Technician Jobs require you to work with both your body and mind. If you really hate boring offices, staying at your desks and sitting for hours, HVAC is really a big plus. Even with daily tasks, there will always be possible sudden changes that you have to go and check. You will have to be very active, ready to grab your tools and work. Depending on the client’s needs and seasons, your works will be somehow modified so you won’t feel bored even after years. 

3. Cons of becoming an HVAC Technician

3.1. A HVAC career will require you to update and upgrades your education frequently

To stay in this field, you have to accept the fact that the learning process and on-going education will never stop. New technologies are released every day in the world, you have to ensure that you provide your customers with the best and latest systems. Furthermore, only by investing in higher education of HVAC, you won’t lose your competitiveness to others.

You can only receive beneficial contrasts from recruiters when you can prove your updated skills. Depending on the way you view it, this reason can be seen as both a pro and a con. However, with people who don’t want to keep investing too much money and time on higher education or certificates, HVAC career is not a suitable choice. 

3.2.  An HVAC job can make you deal with on-call and seasonal demands

Because the needs for using HVAC systems are everywhere and at any time, you will have to prepare yourselves with working in unusual periods of time. This industry has to ensure it will provide full time services, so that your working day will not be a typical one that lasts for 8 hours from 9 A.M to 5 P.M like other jobs.

Even during your weekend days or in the middle of the night, you might receive last-minute calls from customers. However, this is not totally a disadvantage, working more hours or during holidays usually brings you over-time pay, but don’t think about doing all the extra tasks to receive more money, you will lose your time for your own or family and friends. 

3.3. HVAC career requires you to have a truly good physical condition

As an HVAC technician, a tight schedule is the first thing you have to keep in mind. You have to move around, working and doing physical activities with a high frequency level. That’s why having strength and stamina is a must. You might have to stand all day, or crawl into attics, or even install machines on the roof-top. You must always wear a protective outfit, exercise and stretch your body regularly, so that physical injuries are prevented. 

HVAC career’s pros and cons are always important for you to review before really going any further into the field. As with any other profession, of course HVAC technicians have their advantages and disadvantages. In case the pros outweigh the cons, this may be a suitable career choice for you, HVAC career is surely a rewarding area since the vital role it plays in daily life.