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Memorizing HVAC knowledge becomes simpler with manifold sets of flashcards. They will help you remember the questions effectively and easily pass your exam.

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If you are having trouble memorizing a great deal of knowledge and don’t know where to start, our HVAC Flashcards may be a suitable solution for you.

We provide you with multiple sets of flashcards, which are divided into 5 different sections to practice.

  • HVAC Basics: This section contains knowledge, and definitions related to the basics of HVAC systems. An HVAC technician is expected to have a good command of these topics.
  • HVAC Controls: In this section, there are questions and cards related to the basics of sensors, controllers and other control devices. Regulating the operation of heating and air conditioning systems is carried out by control system devices.
  • HVAC Electrical Basics: This section consists of Electrical Basics related to HVAC. The HVAC technicians should have minimum knowledge in the electrical domain as HVAC systems require electrical equipment for operation. Practice with flashcards in this section to help you learn and improve your electrical knowledge and skills.
  • HVAC Journeyman IMC Code: This section consists of IMC (International Mechanical Code) understanding. This knowledge helps in preparing for Journeyman HVAC Technician Exam.
  • HVAC Oil and Gas Heating: This section involves the information on Oil and Gas HVAC. An oil and Gas heating certified technician should have good knowledge of fuel fundamentals and controls and components used in different heating systems. Flashcards in this section will assist you to develop your expertise as well as exam skills for the HVAC test.

Our HVAC flashcards provide an easy-to-use interface, which can improve the experience of your exam preparation.

The record feature can show you how your revision progress is. It helps you to check the number of cards you have studied as well as the proportion of cards you have memorized or not memorized. During your study session, you can use our mark tool to pinpoint key information you want to review.

In general, with a wide variety of flashcard sets, our website helps you to memorize all the questions and answers in a fun yet effective way at the same time.

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