HVAC Exam Simulator

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Welcome to the best free HVAC Exam Simulator!

The HVAC Exam Simulator gives you a new way of practicing. You can access full tests which simulate the structure of a real HVAC test. Each full test consists of 100 questions with a variety of topics related to general knowledge of HVAC installation and service. 

The HVAC mock test online is designed with the same format as a real test in order to prepare candidates well-rounded knowledge before the exam. All the questions are selected randomly from different sets of questions in the test bank.

As a real HVAC test, our HVAC Exam Simulator will also limit the time within 120 minutes (2 hours) in order to help you become familiar with the time pressure during the test. You are required to have a solid background about HVAC systems and services to pass the test and successfully achieve your HVAC certifications.

Besides, with the HVAC Exam Simulator, you are allowed to adjust the number of questions and appropriate time limit for your own test purpose, which aims to facilitate you, learners, with a more flexible learning pace.

Especially, all the HVAC mock tests are free for everyone, even when you don’t register or have an account. Your learning progress will be autosaved even when you close the tab. It’s an advantage that you can practice your tests anywhere and anytime you want, as long as your device is connected to the Internet.

Our HVAC Exam Simulator gives you the feeling of enthusiasm and concentration while testing. Thus, the UI is designed to help test-takers use it easily. Let's get started testing right away!

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