You should never stop learning about your craft, beginning even before you start training and continuing all the way up to the day you hang up your tool belt. Reading some of the greatest HVAC books is one of the most efficient ways to further your HVAC education.

Why? Because technology is developing quickly these days, improvements in the HVAC sector are always only around the corner. As HVAC systems advance, so too must your knowledge and abilities. If you want to succeed as an HVAC technician, it’s essential to stay current with business trends and industry standards.

However, it’s not just about looking ahead. Even if they were written a while ago, some of the best books on HVAC are still useful today. Master technicians can be distinguished from mediocre technicians by their ability to service both new and ancient HVAC systems.

Because the HVAC literature is enormous, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest HVAC books that every technician should read.

1. Books for HVAC exam study

1.1. The Guide to the NATE-ICE Certification Exams by Robert Featherstone

You can ace the HVAC/R NATE and ICE instrument examinations by using this study guide. The first portion is a comprehensive study guide that examines many principles and practices. You will be asked questions on electrical proposition, EPA instrumentation, interior air quality and safety, tool conditions, and more as you proceed to the second section.

  • Contains beneficial practice tests and answer keys.
  • Provide information on the format and subjects covered in tests.
  • Top-rated HVAC study guide

Most HVAC technicians must pass the NATE-ICE Certification Exam in order to work in their field. State-by-state variations in what is necessary to become a qualified HVAC technician apply, although for the most part, passing the NATE-ICE Certification Exam is a prerequisite for receiving a license.

This might be a daunting task, especially if you don’t do well on tests or don’t like traditional classroom instruction. The “Guide to the NATE-ICE Certification Exams” is another resource you can use to study for this exam.

It’s one of the greatest study guides for HVAC, in my opinion. It includes a step-by-step study guide to help readers become accustomed to the ideas tested. You can proceed to the practice exams once you have mastered each section.

Practice exams with 2,400 questions are included in “The Guide to the NATE-ICE Certification Exams” and cover subjects like EPA certification, indoor air quality and safety, system components, electrical theory, tool requirements, duct fabrication, and more. Answers are provided in the manual.

hvac books
The Guide to the NATE-ICE Certification Exams by Robert Featherstone

1.2. EPA 608 Certification: Step by Step Passing the EPA 608 Certification Exam

The Core, Type I, Type II, Type III, and universal examinations are all covered in-depth in this book’s in-depth analysis of the EPA 608 refrigeration exam. It is comprehensive and contains all the information required to pass the EPA 608 Certification.

The inclusion of practice questions makes this HVAC study guide unique. But these aren’t simply any queries; these are inquiries that have appeared on earlier iterations of the real examination. You will ace your EPA 608 if you follow the advice in this study guide.

Conveniently, “EPA 608 Certification” is offered in both hard copy and eBook formats. You might prefer a printed copy as it’s a study guide for the HVAC exam so you can annotate the practice problems and make notes.

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2.The best HVAC books for beginners

2.1. Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by Andrew D. Althouse

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, a thorough manual and great HVAC repair guide, covers the essential ideas of HVAC. It goes into detail on numerous HVAC theories, difficult engineering ideas, and the repair techniques required to find and fix HVAC system issues.

This edition offers specialists the most recent information on EPA rules and regulations pertaining to refrigerant recovery, recycling, and reclamation, as well as the most recent knowledge on HVAC academics and technological breakthroughs.

The comprehensive approach of this text, which gives a solid understanding of all refrigeration and air conditioning components, will be helpful to HVAC students and seasoned technicians.

2.2. Refrigerator and Air Conditioning Technology by John Tomczyk 

Learn the skills necessary to maintain and troubleshoot the advanced heating, air conditioning, and (commercial) refrigeration systems used today with a refrigerator and air conditioning technology, 8th Edition.

This simple HVAC book provides comprehensive training, real-world applications, and a strong foundation for understanding today’s HVAC servicing and repair.

The 8th Edition highlights important soft skills that have a big impact on customer satisfaction and job success, as well as the most recent advances in the HVAC sector.

With an emphasis on innovative technologies and environmental awareness, it does so with a focus on sustainable technology in the current HVAC business.

This is not a book on HVAC theory, please. With the help of the memorable examples, more than 260 instructive images, and unique Service Call features in this book, you can learn the crucial information needed for a successful career.

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3. HVAC books for experienced technicians

3.1. HVAC Spells Wealth by Ron Smith

This HVAC book is a priceless tool if you want to launch a new HVAC company or you want to grow your existing one. It is packed with helpful advice from someone who has been through it all and is now regarded as an industry authority after being named one of “The 22 Most Ever Influential People in the HVACR Industry” by Contracting Business magazine. In fact, Smith’s own website uses the phrase “HVAC Legend-Crusader” exactly.

HVAC Spells Wealth is regarded as the “essential how-to guidebook for a service firm” and is offered in paperback and audiobook formats. HVAC contractors, technicians, and business owners from around North America all strongly recommend it. HVAC Spells Wealth will be an excellent addition to your bookshelf if you’re looking for ways to boost sales and profitability because it’s packed with useful business advice and industry information.

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HVAC Spells Wealth by Ron Smith

3.2. The Power of Positive Pricing by Matt Michel

The Power of Positive Pricing was written by Matt Michel to aid in raising the quality, profitability, and sales of your company. With his professional eye, he examines pricing economics, prices and charges, and customer psychology and offers valuable insights that you can immediately implement to your HVAC business. This HVAC book is likely the best one on pricing.

As an HVAC contractor, you must read it because it might completely alter the situation. This HVAC guide will assist you in comprehending the price world and give you unimaginable profit control.

3.3. Commercial Refrigeration for Air Conditioning Technicians by Dick Wirz

This HVAC book, which is currently in its third edition, is well-known in the commercial refrigeration industry. It was created by the author for a 60-hour course that NAPE offered (National Association of Power Engineers). One of the top HVAC books available is this one.

This HVAC book is for you if you plan to deal with supermarket refrigerators and machinery like walk-ins, reach-ins, and ice makers. This HVAC book includes comprehensive written content as well as useful images and diagrams.

4. HVAC Troubleshooting Books

As a qualified HVAC technician, you must be ready for any issues that may arise. You’ll be able to accomplish it with the aid of these top HVAC books.

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4.1. HVAC Troubleshooting Guide by Rex Miller

Rex Miller has a wealth of knowledge regarding the heating and cooling sector. Anyone working in the heating and air conditioning industry will benefit greatly from the HVAC Troubleshooting Guide. This manual provides you with access to a multitude of useful information that may be used for commercial, household, and industrial tasks.

The HVAC Troubleshooting Guide can be used to learn how to read, comprehend, and generate schedules, mechanical drawings, and electrical schematics. This useful tool may assist with daily tasks and keeping up with the most recent data, statistics, technology, and HVAC troubleshooting advice. The book has a lot of images, figures, and charts.

HVAC Troubleshooting Book
HVAC Troubleshooting Guide by Rex Miller

4.2. System Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Procedures by John Tomczyk

An excellent tool for HVAC troubleshooting. This book offers a methodical approach to diagnosing and troubleshooting air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It addresses problems with airflow, the refrigerant cycle, suction, and liquid lines.

Additionally, it addresses things like condensers that are unclean, oil-covered evaporators, undercharges, overcharges, and inefficient compressors.

4.3. Troubleshooting HVAC-R Equipment by Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson first published Troubleshooting HVAC-R Equipment in 1995. Since then, it has been revised to reflect changes in technologies and practices. This paper is important since it contains details regarding older devices. You will be able to repair older devices as well as newer ones without any trouble.

You will fall behind if you don’t keep up with how the HVAC market is continually changing. Aside from harming your company’s success, falling asleep at the wheel would also be bad for your clients. Check out these helpful sources along with the top HVAC books in your bookshelf to make sure you’re up to date with the most recent events.